Dayman beer fights the Nightman — It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia gets its own beer

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Stone and our favorite comedy It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia have combined minds to come up with Dayman, a coffee IPA that will help you fight the Nighman in your life.

Dayman Coffee IPA is a collaboration with Illinois-based Two Brothers Brewing Co. and Chicago-based Aleman, a brewing collective that first made the beer earlier in the year and won the 2012 Iron Brew homebrewing competition with it. Greg Koch of Stone was a judge at that competition, and so the partnership began.

Dayman is a recurring theme in Always Sunny. It’s first mentioned in an episode called “Sweet Dee’s Dating a Retarded Person.” Charlie writes a song called “Nightman,” which then turns into a collaborative song celebrating “Dayman,” played by Dennis. The song is reprised in an episode called “The Nightman Cometh,” about an entire musical produced by Charlie to woo the ever-fickle Waitress, the woman of his dreams. As might be surmised, the gang mangles the play, which was fraught with absurdity to begin with.

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