This is why your beer tastes like a dead animal

Posted on July 23, 2010 in Beers, Breweries by Josh

Beer, served from roadkill

We’ve written about Scottish brewery BrewDog before, but they’re in the news again for these completely awesome squirrel koozies, which come as part of their $765 per bottle, 55% ABV beer, “The End of History.”

The story here should be about a 55% ABV beer.  When BrewDog released the 41% “Sink the Bismark” earlier this year, there was an incredible amount of attention paid to the beer itself, and how BrewDog was pushing the boundaries of modern brewing.  “Sink the Bismark,” and I would presume “The End of History,” were brewed by freezing the wort in order to concentrate it, leaving a much more dense, port-like beer.

With their latest release, everyone (including me) is focusing on the packaging.  I suppose the publicity stunt is the right way to do it if they wanted the attention — people are only going to write about the highest ABV beer so many times.  “Sink” came in brown paper bags decorated with a hand-drawn penguin, “History” comes in roadkill.  If I was going to drop $765 on a single beer, I’d want to save the bottle, and no standard glass beer bottle can properly display both the price tag and the uniqueness of the beer quite like one wrapped in a dead squirrel.

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